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Here's a small selection of my songs. These are the ones I think are my best, but if you want to hear more, just head over to my page on SoundCloud.

To play or download, click the appropriate icon. For lyrics, click the title and then click "view track". You will be taken to Soundcloud, where lyrics and credits are listed.

Also, I record pretty much whatever strikes my fancy, as I don't have a label or a manager or any other form of oversight, so the styles vary pretty widely and the singers are mostly different. The core band, however, is almost always the same monstrously talented guys: Jaimeson Durr, engineering; Andy Korn, drums; Sam Bevan, bass and keys; and Timothy Young, guitar. Me, I just write the tunes, produce and play an occasional guitar track or sing a well buried harmony.

Hope you hear something you like.